2017 m. vasario 4 d., šeštadienis

The Magical city called Milan


A few days ago I have faced one of my biggest fears - flying phobia and visited I t a l y ! 

We landed at Bergamo airport (BGY) and from there we went by bus to Milan. We chose Terravision airport transfer services which was a great deal because it cost us only 9 for a roundtrip!

The final stop was Milano centrale railway station from there we went to our hostel 'Mio hostel' using GPS. The city is really easy to orientate so there was no trouble to reach our destination. 

Milano centrale railway station

The important information you should know is that in Milan prevails a curfew from 10:30PM there cannot be any noise in the street and from 11:45PM no people as well.

We did not know about a curfew at first, so when we came to Milan it was about 11PM the streets were empty, we noticed a lot of homeless people sleeping in the streets and passing even a single person in the street felt uncomfortable and even a little bit scary. To be honest, it was not a very good experience. So you probably should not stay up late in the city.

'Mio hostel' is a good choice if you are searching for a cheap choice. For three nights we paid 141.6 the best part is that breakfast and dinner was included, although a dinner was not the best one. There is a shared bathroom, but it was not a problem, did not meet a single person during the staying. 


On first day we were not using metro at all. Our idea was to explore the city going on foot [which was exhausting as hell but we made it].

So here's some moments from our trip !

Streets are crowded with motorcycles, vespas, scooters and so on. Lovely.

Duomo di Milano 
Duomo di Milano

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele


You can also find photos from my journey on https://www.instagram.com/bonaviita/ :]

2016 m. liepos 13 d., trečiadienis

THE Night of Culture'1


I would like to share some photos of the night of culture in Vilnius.
A really good thing is that during this day/night you can visit a lot of places for free.
If you ever come to Lithuania, you should visit these places.

I had a blast.
Hope, someday you will as well.

CAC - Contemporary Art Centre / ŠMC - Šiuolaikinio Meno Centras

Reformatai square / Reformatų skveras

CAC - Contemporary Art Centre / ŠMC - Šiuolaikinio Meno Centras

Reformatai square / Reformatų skveras


Hello fellows!

I would like to share a very first longboard of mine with you.

?What do you guys think
Let me know

C ya!